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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Time to move on...

If you couldn't tell, I really don't post anything here anymore. If you came here hoping to find new work and updates I am going to direct you to my Instagram, where I am posting at least one image a day. You can find sketches, process videos, final art, Raven + Orion updates, etc. Lots of exciting new projects coming up, including my first graphic novel, Ellie Not Forgotten. So, please head over to my Instagram and click "follow" to see all my new art.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Cleaning House

I've decided it is time to start cleaning out all the old artwork so I have room to make new artwork. I have put up a store of all my old work left over from past gallery shows and giving everyone a second chance at owning some originals at a cost you think it is worth to you.

Here's the deal:

All (well, 99%, there are 2 pieces listed higher as I have a hard time letting these go below the listed price) of the work on the store are listed as $1, this $1 is a hold for the piece. I will check email you asking for shipping info (or you can email me first) asking for your information.

Address to ship to:
Framed or Unframed:

*If piece is framed already would you like it shipped with the frame or taken out and shipped flat (in some instances it may be better to ship rolled too).

After receiving this information I will send you a shipping quote and your piece will be shipped after receiving payment.

NOW, all I ask is that you pay what you feel the piece is worth to YOU. If you feel it's worth $100, pay $100 on top of shipping. $20, sure. $1,000,000, by all means go ahead. Each piece has a recommended price in the listing, but this is just that, a recommended price. You ultimately decide.

All payments can be made when paying for shipping in the following ways:

Venmo: @KeithNoordzy
Paypal: (please choose "sending money to a friend" so there will be no fees on either end)
Facebook Money:

that should cover it.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Store Update

Just updated my Etsy store to include a bunch of prints and print sets. Any orders $25 and over will get a FREE Twi-Wizard Tournament postcard (while supplies last).

Check back soon for a few originals.

Monday, May 23, 2016

New Instagram

Things have been kinda quiet, but don't worry, still have things in the works and will post about them when I can (really hoping to have some new Orion screens and videos to show you soon). In the meantime, I have started a new Instagram where I will just be posting art and maybe even some process shots of new pieces. So, head on over there and don't forget to hit "FOLLOW" so you can see a new image every day. I leave you with "the Captain and the Squid" piece I did awhile ago.

PS. Every Sunday is #sketchbooksunday where I will be posting a different sketch from my sketchbook. Tons of fun stuff that i hope will someday be a final illustrations.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Praise the Sun \[T]/

Console Wars show at Gallery 1988 Friday, December 10 @ 7pm. All pieces inspired by the SNES, Genesis, N64 era (which held a huge place in my heart and childhood). But...being that Dark Souls is one of my all-time favorite games, I decided to try and fit that into the theme somehow. So, I give you...

Dark Souls invades Mario Kart (Black Knight)

Dark Souls invades Mario Kart (Gravelord Nito)

Dark Souls invades Mario Kart (Knight Solaire of Astora)

Prints will be available from the gallery online Saturday or at the opening Friday night for $10 each.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Being Human on the Idiot Box (2)

Coming up May 1 at Gallery 1988 is the followup to the previous Idiot Box show, Idiot Box 2 (dramatic title, I know). My pieces this year are inspired by one of my favorite shows, Being Human (the US version). I will have 15 copies of each print available for $20 each. Come out to the show if you can and check out some great TV show inspired pieces.

Being Human (left), Being Human - Ramona the Pest variant (right)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

New pieces for last 2 shows of the year.

2 shows coming up at Gallery 1988. First off is 33 1/3, where all pieces are recreations of favorite album covers. My piece is based on the Ash album, Meltdown. Come check out the show this Friday, Dec 5.

Burn Baby Burn

Next week Crazy 4 Cult returns to Los Angeles on Friday, Dec 12. Come check out my Stargate and Babadook inspired pieces, among many other films people will be representing.