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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

work work work

So you might wonder what i do when i'm not drawing squids and dinosaurs and whatever else it is i draw. i work...i work like crazy...and many hours, too. i work at a video game company in Pacific Palisades as the Lead Graphic Artist in marketing...yup, not just a graphic artist, but a lead graphic artist ;) i do the newsletter, animated comic, all the flash banners you might see online, and whatever other promotional stuff we need. i enjoy my job, i get to do stuff i love...and they like my art :) my boss owns my Taking Tree painting from last december. i work with some good people too.

we have a game coming out in a couple weeks called Freaky Creatures. so if you would like to see some of the work i've done to promote it check out the images below.

click here if you want to order it, the more people that buy it the longer i get to keep my job and the more drawing i get to do :) so yeah, i'm posting a link. it's $10 till friday.

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