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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Today is the day "I'm going to see the DINOSAURS!"

Yup, the day has come, and Norm has been looking forward to it for as long as he can remember. The museum downtown is having their grand opening tonight from 6-10p, so come meet Norm and enjoy the show.

All info can be found at OhNo!Doom

Norm in the Time of the DINOSAURS

I've also been trying to keep a big surprise, but for those in attendance you will be able to see Norm's adventures with the dinosaurs in his own children's book. That's right, I made 4 copies of "Norm the Alligator in the Time of the DINOSAURS" and one will be available to look through during the time the show is up. All the Norm pieces in the show are the originals to the book and for sale, unfortunately the book is not for sale at this point. If anyone knows a children's book publisher you should tell them all about it so Norm can travel the world and meet many new people. (HINT HINT)

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