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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Praise the Sun \[T]/

Console Wars show at Gallery 1988 Friday, December 10 @ 7pm. All pieces inspired by the SNES, Genesis, N64 era (which held a huge place in my heart and childhood). But...being that Dark Souls is one of my all-time favorite games, I decided to try and fit that into the theme somehow. So, I give you...

Dark Souls invades Mario Kart (Black Knight)

Dark Souls invades Mario Kart (Gravelord Nito)

Dark Souls invades Mario Kart (Knight Solaire of Astora)

Prints will be available from the gallery online Saturday or at the opening Friday night for $10 each.

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Bao Yang said...

Hahah, that's the crossover we all have asked for! :D I barely can identify myself as Dark Souls series' fan (its style is outstanding but I don't appreciate the gameplay mechanic where you need to die a dozen times to understand the logic) but I'm a huge fan of classic Mario games for sure! Especially the Super Mario World one - I'm still keep playing with NES emulators download Hope I close to finally beat it right now... And maybe we would really have the Mario + Dark Souls when I will))