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Friday, January 13, 2017

Cleaning House

I've decided it is time to start cleaning out all the old artwork so I have room to make new artwork. I have put up a store of all my old work left over from past gallery shows and giving everyone a second chance at owning some originals at a cost you think it is worth to you.

Here's the deal:

All (well, 99%, there are 2 pieces listed higher as I have a hard time letting these go below the listed price) of the work on the store are listed as $1, this $1 is a hold for the piece. I will check email you asking for shipping info (or you can email me first) asking for your information.

Address to ship to:
Framed or Unframed:

*If piece is framed already would you like it shipped with the frame or taken out and shipped flat (in some instances it may be better to ship rolled too).

After receiving this information I will send you a shipping quote and your piece will be shipped after receiving payment.

NOW, all I ask is that you pay what you feel the piece is worth to YOU. If you feel it's worth $100, pay $100 on top of shipping. $20, sure. $1,000,000, by all means go ahead. Each piece has a recommended price in the listing, but this is just that, a recommended price. You ultimately decide.

All payments can be made when paying for shipping in the following ways:

Venmo: @KeithNoordzy
Paypal: (please choose "sending money to a friend" so there will be no fees on either end)
Facebook Money:

that should cover it.

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