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Released Games: Monster High: Ghouls & Jewels (Collision Studios/Mattel), Get Rocky (Fingerprint), Kiwi Run (Icepop Beat), Mecha Mecha Panic (Turbo Fish Games), Word Train (Rocket Lobster), Freaky Pets (Abandon Interactive), Freaky Creatures (Abandon Interactive)

Always Player 2
November 2012–Present
Los Angeles, California
Creative Director
Responsibilities: Directing all artwork and creative design on "Orion's Run," a 2D mobile platform runner with an 16-bit look. Everything from character concept to final assets and animation to backgrounds and UI.

Spark Unlimited
October–November 2014
Sherman Oaks California
UX/UI Designer (Contract)
Responsibilities: Wireframe and create assets to be used on a goverment training web-based app. Consolidate screen flow, wireframe and mockup UI, create logo on upcoming iOS title.

Collision Studios
July–October 2014
October–December 2013
Santa Monica, California
UI and Game Artist (Contract)
Responsibilities: UI and Game Artist for “Monster High: Ghouls and Jewels”. Revise and overhaul UI for an upcoming online sport game (WFC). Create App icons for store. Use film and online stills to create clothing assets to fit in the “Monster High” universe.

Game Closure
January–October 2012
Mountain View, California
Game Artist
Responsibilities: Create game assets from concept to final form for mobile games developed on Android and other mobile device platforms. UI, concept characters and other assets, final vector images, rig Illustrator files for Flash animation, FX animations, create sprite sheets, logo design.

Abandon Interactive Entertainment
July–February 2008–2010
Pacific Palisades, California
Creative Services Manager/Lead Marketing Artist
Responsibilities: Working on brand creating marketing artwork within an established style, designed Flash banner ads, creating newsletter, web graphics, print campaigns, logo design, brainstorming.

Mattel, Inc
May–August 2007
El Segundo, CA
Intern Artist for Fairytopia
Responsibilities: Worked under toy designers for a new Fairytopia line. Designed new Creature concepts and logo design.

Drive80 (2013-Present) - Mock-up storyboards and assets for promotional animations
BentoBox (2013)- Character concepts for animated show pitch.
NAC Marketing (2013)- Create images for email marketing campaignts and Flash banner ads.
Galaxy Pest Control/Fingerprint (2013) - Concept characters, enemies, backgrounds for “Get Rocky” mobile game.
Disney/ Hot Buttered Elves (2011)- Design packaging for various Disney home decor lines
Topps Cards/Gallery1988 (2011)- Created a run of “Garbage Pail Kids” sketchcards to be inserted into retail card packs
Cepia/Omelet (2010)- Worked on “Zhu-Zhu Pets” website creating artwork and assets
EA/Creative Asylum (2010)- Create billboard artwork for “Surviving High School” game.

Illustrator, Photoshop, User Interface, Concept Design, Character Design, Effect Animation, Backgrounds, Flash, InDesign, TexturePacker, Acrobat, Microsoft Office

Pen & ink, sketching, acrylic and oil paints, watercolor, model making, brainstorming, storyboarding, concept design, character design, logo design, animatics, sewing, marketing

Otis College of Art and Design
Los Angeles, California
Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts
Major: Toy Design

Ringling School of Art and Design
Sarasota, Florida
Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts
Major: Illustration